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The Cyprus Institute


The Cyprus Institute (CyI), is a non-profit research and education institution with a scientific and technological orientation. The creation of The Cyprus Institute (CyI), a novel, internationally recognized research institution, is the tangible manifestation of the Cyprus Research and Educational Foundation’s vision to help transform Cyprus into a knowledge-based economy, and in doing so to advance the welfare of the island and the region. Today, the Institute is a world-class research and technology institution, carrying out pioneering research programs involving cutting-edge high throughput technologies, in order to address problems of regional as well as international significance. At the same time, it provides training for future researchers and scholars through its high quality doctoral programs.

The research organization of the Institute comprises cross-disciplinary Research Centers pursuing issues of scholarly relevance, global significance and regional focus. There are currently three active Research Centers.

·        Center for Energy, Environment and Water Research (EEWRC)

·        Center for Science and Technology in Archaeology (STARC)

·        Center for Computation-based Science and Technology (CaSToRC)

The Cypriot Medieval Coins,History and Culture project is part of STARC. The Science and Technology in Archaeology Research Center (STARC) of The Cyprus Institute is devoted to the development, introduction and use of advanced science and technologies in the field of archaeology, cultural heritage and history of the region. The Imaging Cluster for Archeology and Cultural Heritage (ICACH), which is developed jointly between the Cyprus Institute's Science and Technology in Archeology Research Center (STARC) and the Computation-based Science and Technology Research Center (CaSToRC). Research scientists and doctoral students, often in partnership with national or international research organizations, utilize physical and chemical measurements with sophisticated instruments in a fixed and mobile laboratory to participate in collaborative research in Cyprus, the Eastern Mediterranean and Europe. They also take advantage of high performance computing capabilities hosted at The Cyprus Institute to perform research requiring intensive computing or data storage and management. New perspectives on archaeological and cultural heritage in the region are achieved through strong collaboration with research in climate, environment and unmanned aircraft at The Cyprus Institute.